Governance Structure

The ARC MedAg Hub is governed by an Industry Advisory Group (IAG) comprising the expertise of agricultural, industry and State government representatives, an Executive Management Committee (EMC) made up of research and industry personnel.

Lead Organisation

The ARC MedAg Hub is led and administered by La Trobe University within the La Trobe Institute for Agriculture and Food (LIAF). It is fully compliant with La Trobe’s governance and ethics framework

ARC MedAg Hub Organisational Diagram

The ARC MedAg Hub’s organisational structure is summarised in this figure and reflects the integrated nature of the research and research themes and programs.
The IAG provides strategic advice to the ARC MedAg Hub on external matters that impact it and the medicinal agriculture sector. It provides a forum for research, government, community and industry leaders to discuss key issues facing the sector in Australia and internationally and provide guidance to the ARC MedAg Hub Director. The EMC has overarching responsibility for corporate governance and research  direction and operational matters. The organisational structure is underpinned by the diverse capacity of staff and students and platform technologies which include phenomics, ‘omics and chemistry.

Industry Advisory Group:


Laureate Professor P Doherty (Doherty Institute)

Industry Representative

Dr Dan Grant

Community Representative

Ms Tricia Greenway

Industry Representative

Ms Rosemary Richards, (Secretary, Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia)

State Government Representative

Dr Amanda Caples BSc Hons,  PhD, GAICD (Lead Scientist, Victorian State Goverment)

Executive Management Committee:


Prof. Tony Bacic



A/Prof.  Monika Doblin

Research Director


Dr. Veronica Borrett

Senior Director


Prof. Mathew Lewsey

Co-Deputy Director

Research Programs

Lead Organisation 

La Trobe University 

  • Prof Jim Whelan, FAA
  • Prof Tony Bacic, FAA 
  • Dr Monika Doblin
  • Dr Mathew Lewsey
  • Prof Marilyn Anderson, FAA
  • Dr Anthony Gendall
  • Dr Travis Beddoe
  • Dr James Hunt
  • Dr Kim Johnson
  • Dr Kim Plummer
  • Prof John Moses
  • Dr Reena Narsai
  • Dr Aniruddha Desai

Partner Organisation

Chief Investigators and Partner Investigators


  • Mr Peter Crock, Cann Group Ltd, (PI)
  • Mr Andrew Gilbert, Bioplatforms Australia Ltd (PI)
  • Dr Nicole van der Weerden, La Trobe University, Hexima Ltd (CI)
  • Mr Justin Yap, Hexima Ltd, (PI)
  • Mr Martin Trtilek, PSI (PI)
  • Mr (Murray) Scott McKenzie, SensaData (PI)
  • Mr Abdul Reham Mohammad, UTT Biopharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (PI)
  • Mr Sergio Pagliazzi, UTT Biopharmaceuticals Pty Ltd, (PI)
  • Mr Aki Ohashi, Palo Alto Research Center Inc (PARC), (PI)


  • Dr Robin Anderson, La Trobe University, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute (PI)
  • Prof Ian Woodrow, The University of Melbourne, (PI)
  • Dr Kathryn Mumford, The University of Melbourne, (PI)